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An Award-Winning Original Feature Screenplay seeking co-producer


In the dimly lit world of a haunted house attraction, Zoey, it’s newest actress, finds herself caught between the thrill of the scares and a forbidden attraction. When she falls for Jordan, a coworker who has chosen another over her, she must navigate the blurred lines between reality and illusion, and finds herself ensnared in the never-ending labyrinth of limerence, unable to forget Jordan, whose charismatic presence haunts her with each shift at the attraction. Amid the eerie corridors of their workplace, Zoey strikes up an unlikely friendship with Kyle, another coworker who staunchly opposes workplace romances. As Zoey evolves as a scare actor, building friendships and experiencing the electing world of her coworkers, she discovers newfound inner strength to combat her internal turmoil. Yet, the mixed signals from Jordan continue to plague her, despite his relationship with their coworker Nikki and Zoey must learn how to recognize and walk away from doomed relationships before they begin despite her heart’s desires

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Screenplay can be viewed on:


Pitch Deck



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adapted from the screenplay in 2020 available to purchase here or on 

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Narrated in 2021 by Felicia Wong. Available on Amazon/Audible

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ScareActor (Novel) Copyright 2020

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