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(feature film project)

ScareActor is our feature film project. The screenplay has won multiple awards and is seeking producing partner(s) to bring this project to life!  In the meantime, the short film project Eternal Dwellers is being developed in order to serve as a proof-of-concept film to submit to film festivals to help attract interest from distributors and producers that may enable the feature film project to be made. See more about this project at and follow it on Instagram@ Scare_Actor and Facebook 

Lynch & Chrighton (short film)

Lynch & Chrighton was Feisty Pirate Production's first film project. It is part of a prequel short series to the intended original series:  Pirates for Hire. Lynch & Chrighton was produced on a $700 budget. Written by Kim Donovan, Cosmoe Tayson, and Rachel Chreighton. WATCH HERE

The V Factor (screenplay/short film project)

The V Factor is a dark comedy short film project that is about a couple of middle-aged struggling actors who discover Hollywood's best-kept anti-aging secret and realize this may be their ticket to the top...

Bilger & Graves
(short film series)

Bilger & Graves was the first prequel short series to be based on the Original Series project: Pirates for Hire. Bilger & Graves was produced by Saipike Productions and Feisty Pirate Productions served at the SAG-AFTRA signatory.  Bilger & Graves was written by Paul Bianchi. WATCH HERE

ScareActor: Eternal Dwellers
(proof-of-concept short film project)

The original filming date of this project was cancelled due to Covid Lockdowns a week before the original scheduled filming date, but we are resurrecting this project and are hoping to film it sometime this year. If you are interested in working /co-producing this film please send a message.  It will be produced under SAG-AFTRA's micro-budget short film agreement. Stay up-to-date on this project HERE

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